Cesare Bardelli
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The great baritone Cesare Bardelli, one of the foremost singing-artist of the 20th Century in the Opera field after Titta Ruffo.

In scores of reviews, the finest international critics, singled out Bardelli's rich, authentic, dark-coloured baritone voice, necessary at the time in order to be "Champions of Verism". His singing was very vast, generous, virile, stentoreous (worthy of Stentore whose voice equal to 50 men). Excellent his technical "impostazione" voice projection, of old school, that would allow him to expand the sound without difficulty and sustain it with an exuberance that could reach at times to violence.

Cesare Bardelli sang in all the most important Opera Houses throughout the world, remembered as "The Prince of Baritones".

To the beautiful colour of his voice and infinite range Cesare Bardelli combined an extraordinary temperament and stage-presence with no equal, that together would immediately capture the interest of his audience. Having been such a handsome-man, he was often called to Hollywood for films and at these requests, he would answer: "I have chosen my professional career as an Opera singer and prefer singing and acting on stage!"